Although QuadRipple itself has been in business since July 2014, the founders have been working on projects ever since university. Some of the work we have accomplished and are proud of we always like to publish. Having both studied engineering, this work is technical and built the foundations of QuadRipple creativity and design expertise.


Plasma Gasification Explained

What happens when you're taking a grad-level course on plasma engineering and the professor wants you to write an in-depth technical paper on an industrial application? You beg make a video instead! If you want to understand plasma gasification and see our brutally amateur iMovie skills from back in the day, check out our YouTube video, already 22,000 have! At least the content is pretty boss.



What is a Versastill? It was a vision to create a versatile lab-scale distillation column for instructional purposes, hence "versa-still". It even contained our very own, VaTraCon technology, "Variable Tray Configuration." We really were all about the play on words at some point... Yes, this was a fun one, and although it was a while ago, we are still very proud of this design, report and presentation. It was one of the first large projects the founders of QuadRipple worked on together and was a success. Check out the report.

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