Do It Live!

Do It Live! is more than just a tagline used by the QuadRipple boys. It's for the inner entrepreneur in everyone. It means to not be afraid to take action. Stop the script, be yourself and keep it real. It means to execute, to take action, to hustle and to get things done. It means to take chances, risks and do something outside your comfort zone. It means to be transparent and honest in your approach to life and to your business. Entrepreneurs live by this and so does QuadRipple. These hats are a daily reminder to us, and to everyone out there to always keep it real and Do It Live! Want a daily reminder for yourself to Do It Live? Follow us on Facebook to see our videos or check out our YouTube channel and you'll see what Do It Live! is all about.

Want to purchase a Do It Live! hat? We are currently donating 50% of the proceeds from our hat sales to The Doorway foundation in Calgary. The Doorway is a charity committed to getting young adults aged 17-24 off the streets by maintaining a community funded business oriented space where young people choose to participate in a community run integration project, with space to think, community members to learn with and tools to plan their lives with their own ideas. Since 1988 The Doorway has been a bridge between street and mainstream cultures where participants progressively work towards sustainable economic independence (legal income and housing).

We love supporting The Doorway foundation because they are helping take young adults off the streets through business education and entrepreneurship. What more can QuadRipple love about that?