Doctor Joe & Associates has been in business in Grimsby Ontario since 1989. The website they originally had was not responsive and was very limited in the blogging capabilities and online integration they are trying to pursue. Their search engine ranking was acceptable but not as good as it could be considering the popularity of the office. They were in desperate need of a new website, a comprehensive content generation/distribution strategy and a social media presence.


Responsive Website

Doctor Joe & Associates was in desperate need of an upgraded website. Being in practice since 1989, they needed a user-friendly, responsive CMS that would allow them to upload plenty of content and reflect itself well on Google and other search engines. Since launching the new website, Doctor Joe & Associates has consistently ranked higher than the majority of dentists in Grimsby, and higher than with the previous website. They are now able to integrate patient intake forms electronically, accept form submissions, and blog consistently.

Content Marketing

Generating and distributing valuable content takes time...this is still in the works. You can stay tuned on Doctor Joe & Associates Facebook or Webpage.

Social Media

We have been working with Doctor Joe & Associates on their social media strategy. Want to see what we've come up with so far? Visit them on Facebook.

Continue the Story

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