The Jordanian lion.




Husam Al-rameeni

My name is Husam Al-rameeni and I am a managing director at QuadRipple. It is pronounced WHO-Sahm...not Hussein, Hussab, Hussan, Hassan, or anything else I’ve been called in my last 8 years in Canada! I was born in Amman, Jordan and moved to Libya when I was in grade school. Yes, Gaddafi was president at the time. I began to learn a little English when I was in Libya but it wasn’t until I moved to Montreal at 17 to study at McGill University that I learned to speak, read and write it. In my first year I met Steve in chem eng. Working together we were kickass project leaders, frosh leaders, crew leaders, volunteers, competitors, researchers, council members, presenters, crew members and achieved tons of success working together. I always visualized us working together outside the academic setting, and it’s happening right now and I fuckin’ love it!

I love trying new things and I crave the thrill and uncertainty of starting QuadRipple. I remember after graduating, landing my dream job as a Technical Sales Manager for a growing company and thinking to myself: “Seriously. Is this it?.” I love randomness and have a fear of settling. I want to create a huge impact with QuadRipple in the community but also in the world, and inspire people to change for the better. (the norm)

Things I like

I am really big foodie and love to cook. I like to destroy the norms and redefine what people come to expect for anything. I prefer experiences to material goods anyday. I love entrepreneurship, success stories, creativity and social media.

Things I dislike

People that don’t like cracking jokes, political correctness and people being afraid to create their own path. I dislike anything stagnant or static, I need to change it up! Instagrammers that do the norms piss me off.


Top 40!

One thing you enjoy about Quadripple?

How dynamic it is and I love feeding the beast and seeing it grow! I love using QuadRipple to inspire others as well and working with a diverse range of clients.