Instagram Marketing

We focus on follower ENGAGEMENT

If you wanna reach Millennials, Instagram is a platform your must start utilizing for your business. The most important thing is to always provide value in your posts and take the time to form trust and valuable relationships with your target market. At Quadripple, we believe that every company should be a media company in this day and age. We can help you in everything single step to develop the most awesome Instagram page your industry has to offer. 

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Develop a Strategy  

We first need to know your vision, get to know each other and talk about the exact outcomes you are looking for. The only work we do at Quadripple is outcome based. In this step we will discuss your goals, target market, dreams and where you would like to be in the next 3-6 months with your Instagram presernces and engagment

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Generate Valuable Content 

At heart we are content producers and love creating content and documenting memorable and valuable stories. We can create the content for you and/or we can connect you with our network of influential Local Calgary content producers. 

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Wanna learn? We love teaching our techniques and spreading the Insta love to all hustlers around the world.  We can customize workshops with you and your team and will guarantee the outcomes of the workshops. Our job is teach you how fish!

Some Work

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Stories Animations 



Info Posts

Transform your clients into your biggest fans, boost your community engagement and build a powerful brand 

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