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QuadRipple Law and Immigration Marketing

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About QuadRipple Law and Immigration Marketing

QuadRipple Inc. is a digital marketing and business development company that specializes in capturing immigration leads and clients for Canadian lawyers and registered immigration consultants through online media. Our billing is contingent on the amount of leads we generate for you and we focus on tangible results and outcomes. We have extensive experience and knowledge in legal marketing but specifically excel at Canadian immigration law, the various streams, keywords, and the requirements which allow us to target the right clients for each specific program or stream. Our process is repeatable, scalable, and improves with time and you can calculate your ROI with our automated system. With QuadRipple, you can always guarantee new leads to keep your short term cash flow strong.

Why QuadRipple

Scalable: You pay based on the leads we generate for you. If you only want 10 per month or if you want 100, this process is completely scalable to your budget and operations capacity.

Contingency Based: We get paid dependent on measurable results and outcomes unlike other digital marketing companies. This allows you to calculate an strict ROI for our services.

Exclusivity: By working with us, we do not work with any other competitors in your geographic area. Driving up your cost per lead is not in our best interest.

Experience: We are specialized in immigration law and digital lead generation for legal services. That is our niche. Let us work for you.

Our Process


Complete our online form and we will send you a proposal in less than 24 hours with the price per lead and the volume of leads we estimate can be captured.

Activation Campaign

We will setup the digital infrastructure on your website/landing page and the calls to action.

We Launch

You will start receiving leads right to your inbox in the form of booked and confirmed initial consultations. Now it’s your turn to start closing these leads into paying clients.


Complete our online feedback form monthly with comments and recommendations about the leads so we can adjust our process accordingly. Our digital strategy and ads get smarter with time and so do we.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I start receiving leads?
In as little as 3 days from launch you can start receiving leads to your inbox. In some cases it can take up to 7 days.

How will I receive the leads?
Our way of capturing a lead is booking an online appointment through our automated system. First, we determine your availability and times to perform the 30-minute introductory consultation. Once that is determined and the appointment is booked, you will receive an email and the appointment will be added to your calendar and a notification to your inbox.

Is there any commitment?
Our contracts are month to month can be stopped at anytime. If you wish to restart advertising with QuadRipple once again, you will have to pay a reactivation fee.

How do you guarantee the quality of leads?
We have generated leads for lawyers and immigration consultants in all areas of focus that have turned into clients. It’s important for whoever is performing the consultations and follow-ups to be excellent with clients and to follow a systematic sales process to close these leads.


Areas of Focus

Areas of focus

Areas of Focus

Areas of focus


We identified a strong target market of forgein investors with an investment capacity starting at $250,000 to upwards of $2,000,000. With investor immigration we can attract people to apply for LMIAs owner/operators followed by a work permit and eventually Permanent Residency through either FSW or other streams.

Fill out our assessment form and start getting investor immigration leads within a week


If your wish is to recruit leads for refugee/asylum claims we are well versed in this area. We have identified strong geographic areas and demographics for reaching these claimants digitally.


We will bring you leads for clients looking to process the paperwork for their live-in caregiver or nanny.


The provinces all have their own separate nominee programs, and we are able to target leads and potential clients on a per province basis.


The Startup Visa Program is an underutilized program that can be very successful due to the nature of the target market. Tech founders from all over the world can apply to come to Canada under this program which has less requirements after getting approval from a designated organization. We are happy to make a few introductions to these accelerators and incubators.


We identified an audience of employers who are in desperate need of foreign workers to fill out positions across different industries in different parts of Canada that are facing labor shortages. For many employers, they are able to hire a Temporary Foreign Worker and may or may not need to have an LMIA.


Many applicants from outside Canada who speak English or French, have strong work experience, and are at the ideal age are eligible for Express Entry as a Federal Skilled Worker or in other cases Canadian Experience Class. We can send you people interested in Express Entry.


Applications from within Canada to change conditions, apply  for PR are usually under a time limit and can be captured and serviced for short term cash flow.


Applications from within Canada to sponsor a spouse are common and we are able to send people needing these services your way.


For people from designated countries looking to stay temporarily in Canada. Often times, when their time expires and they wish to stay in Canada, they will need to explore different streams.


Foreign business owners with a parent company, branch, subsidiary or affiliate in Canada can transfer employees of a business looking through the Intra Company Transfer program.


Other than immigration services, we have worked with lawyers and consultants on multiple projects involving numerous class action lawsuits, personal injury files, and family law leads and delivered qualified clients by digital means. For specific services not listed on our areas of focus please submit an inquiry and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours.  


Contact us

Contact us

Fill out our form and we will get back to you with a free quote in less than 24 hours.

Contact us

Contact us

Fill out our form and we will get back to you with a free quote in less than 24 hours.