Actor. Singer. Filmmmaker. Engineer.





My name is Praneet Akilla. Born in Mumbai, India and living in Kuwait till I was 8, I moved to Calgary and fell in love with the city I now call home.  I watched countless films growing up and pretended I was characters from all of them. I also had a strange captivation with how things worked from behind the scenes of how movies were made, to how cars worked or how my food was made. This led me to make countless short films and star in school plays/musicals. At the same time, the fascination with math and science to understand the world around me, helped develop my knack for problem solving.

I then went to Montreal to get a degree in Chemical Engineering at McGill University. Montreal allowed me to pursue my love for theatre and music in one of the greatest arts cities in Canada and get a strong technical education at McGill. This is where I met Steve and Hussam, two of the brightest and most hard working people I’ve ever met. The numerous study sessions, group projects, and all-nighters led to a strong friendship. During the 5 years I spent 2 years working for various engineering firms and made a few films through a well known production company in Calgary known as Rendering Glint Films. In 2014, our full length feature film known as “Jewel Fools” premiered at the Calgary International Film Festival.

As the years went by I knew I could go on the path of working for an oil and gas company and manage to balance my life in the film world as well. However, I wanted to play to my biggest strength and being a part of QuadRipple gave me the opportunity to do just that. With my experience in digital media creation and a strong engineering background, I can use my creativity as a solid foundation for thinking outside the box in order to bring value to our clients and turn them into large industry influencers via content generation.  

Things I like

Storytelling. Movies. Theatre. Music. Filmmaking. Graphic Design. Acting. Singing. Spontaneity. Books. Books. Books. Comics. Hockey. Football. All sports in general. Collaborating with people to execute projects, whether it’s creative or technical.

Things I dislike

Disinterested people. Lack of enthusiasm. Reptiles. Spiders.


Alternative rock, Jazz, Blues, Chill wave electronic, Tropical House, and (occasionally) Rap/Hip-Hop.

One thing you enjoy about QuadRipple?

Breaking out of the societal norm and growing a company through pure passion and hustle! I love the fact that I get to collaborate with my partners and be creative in helping people/businesses achieve their goals.