You’ve probably heard this term thrown around by many marketers so our first blog post will elaborate on it. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of altering the content and/or code of your website with the goal of improving your ranking on search engines. To improve your ranking, just means to show up closer to the first page of results after a user inputs a search query (a phrase known as keywords). If you really optimize well, you can show up on the first page! In a study done by Philip Petrescu of Caphyon on search queries, on average first page of Google gets 44 times more clicks than the third page for a given keyword. That’s a lot of missed traffic if you’re on the third page!

So how do you show up on the first page of Google? You can either: 1) Pay to be on the first page with an Ad (inorganic) or 2) optimize your website for organic search results to end up on the first page. Paying to be on the first page of Google with an Ad requires the setup and optimization of an AdWords account and alterations to your website content which QuadRipple can help you with.

For organic results, what does Google do to determine where your website should rank on their search engine based on a given set of keywords? One of the ways is calculating how many backlinks your website has. Backlinks are links to your website that exist on other websites.  This is known as the PageRank algorithm, one Google is famous for creating and it’s named after CEO Larry Page. It’s based on the concept that popular websites are likely to have more backlinking and are therefore probably more relevant.

However, content is also a crucial factor in determining your ranking. If PageRank was the only algorithm used to determine a site’s ranking, Google would only show the most popular sites (based on how many backlinks they have and the relevance of those backlinks) on the first page. Nothing would ever change, regardless of your search query. That would really be a useless search engine! Imagine searching for “Porsche Auto Mechanic Calgary” and having Facebook homepage as the first result? To avoid this, Google also looks at the content of the website, and determines whether or not there are mentions of the keywords from the search query, in the actual content of the website. If you are an auto mechanic in Calgary and service Porsche, you want to make sure that those words (and variations of them) are on key pages of your website in text and can be indexed easily by Google.

There are other factors that optimize your search rankings on Google, but are outside the scope of this article. Google didn’t become a multi-billion dollar search engine based on giving people irrelevant results. That’s why content is king, and it is crucial to have a well organized and well written website with engaging and targeted content that match your best customers typical search queries.

Want to see where your website ranks on Google based on a given search query? Check out the linked Google Rank Checker below.