1- LinkedIn Premium

If you have not already invested in LinkedIn Premium, it’s time to do so. LinkedIn is the third most popular social media platform out there. In 2013, the average salary of a LinkedIn member was reported at $86,000 USD; compared to 45,000 for the average American, indicating the activity of many decision makers on the the platform. With LinkedIn Premium you can look up people according to their skills, workplace, and/or any other keyword they have within their profile. For example: Let’s say I am currently working at a process engineering software company and looking to sell my product to process engineers.

In this case:

Skill:  Process Simulation
Keyword:  Engineering Manager
Location: Calgary

This will pinpoint potential key people in the industry that you can directly InMail from LinkedIn, email or call on the phone.

2- Contact Monkey


Ever wondered what happens to your e-mails after they are sent out? Contact Monkey is a plugin that interfaces with either Gmail or Outlook to help track your emails. You gain valuable insight into how many times your e-mail has been opened, forwarded or a link in your email has been clicked. How can this help? If your email has been opened a few times, that means you’ve peaked their interest. A call to that person can help lock down a meeting.

3- Google Maps

What?!!! Google Maps for prospecting? Yes, in fact it is a very simple process. Visit Google Maps on the web. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you are a company looking to sell your product to an engineering company in Calgary.

A - In the search bar simply type in engineering/technical/oil/gas or any other relevant search term

B - Red dots will appear on the map with relevant companies

Google Maps Prospecting

C - Click on the red dots to view contact info for these companies

D - Either:

         1) directly call the company or use LinkedIn
        2) use LinkedIn to pinpoint the decision maker you are looking to reach

4- Remarketing with Google Analytics

Wait, I can find out which companies visited my website? Well, for the most part you can. Initially, you need to make sure that your website is hooked up to Google Analytics. With some digging and filtration, you can find out generally 30 - 40% of who visited your website based on their domain name. If someone in company X visits your website to look for a particular product they already have an initial interest. Chances are, if you call that company and/or send an email, you will have better odds of getting a meeting to present your products and services. Welcome to remarketing.

5- Events, Events, Events

This has proven to be the best way to make good connections with the highest conversion rates. When you are talking with someone face to face, you can more effectively express your products and services. You can read body language and decide if the other party is interested on not. Simply attend events in your area. Many of the technical events allow you to enter their exhibition for free of for fraction of the conference cost. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be a technical event, and you can meet prospects anywhere. Whether you are at the bar, movie theatre, or going for a run, always be ready to meet people and exchange information. Plus, for the social butterfly in us, it can be lots of fun. Just remember a few things, keep a positive attitude and always have a stack of quality business cards on you at all times!