I am sitting here at Starbucks and it’s 8 am on a Saturday morning. It’s a first for me, as usually I am passed out after spending my friday night catching up on some much needed time with my best friend, the bar. I am fascinated by the raving fan culture of Starbucks though. People here are meeting, writing, reading, chatting, laughing, working, texting and some are even writing an article about the beautiful cafe itself! The thing is, the folks here are so comfortable, happy and feel at home. Why is Starbucks, which charges triple or quadripple the prices of any other generic coffee place, attracting all these fans? Starbucks in not the only business that I have witnessed that has this effect on people. Tesla for example, is a car company that showed up late and not just destroyed the competition but also created a whole new luxury culture. There’s also Apple and Lululemon, both companies that have this effect on their customers. A localized example here in Calgary would be YYC Cycle too, Steve and I are some of their biggest fans! Regardless or how big or small these companies are, they all have one thing in common: a raving fan culture. Their customers are their biggest fans and here’s why.

Provide 10 times more value than your closest competitor

All these businesses provide at least 10 times more value than their closest competitor. I don’t mean value in the derogatory value-brand way. What I mean is that for every dollar you spend, you get 10 times more in measurable value to you compared to the nearest competitor. In all those businesses, you are paying more than the competition but you are getting so much value in return. When I go to a spin class at YYC cycle, and I do that everyday now, I get so motivated, hyped and fired up. It is the place for me to go and clear my mind. It a place to be around like minded individuals. I push my limits everytime i'm there and break my limiting beliefs. I started associating that place with my successes and breakthroughs. It is far different from going to the stupid ass gym in the basement of a mall that stinks like balls. They lock you in a contract for a year because they are not confident that they can keep you there with their offerings. The place is roaming with “Personal Trainers” that pretend they give a shit for a few seconds and then throw a sales pitch at you. In contrast, YYC Cycle realized the need for its fans. They are in the business of motivating, passion, overcoming, betterment, community support and they reinventing the competition. They are competing in their own space because they bring so much more to the table (motivation, networking etc) than just another spin class. Same thing with Tesla, the first car startup since 1925 (Chrysler) came in and swept the market! The American car shocked its competition, the poor Prius and Chevy Bolt. An electric car that looks more luxurious than a Mercedes Benz, goes from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.2 seconds and its fuel is fuckin’ free (well it can be)! In the next few years, I will be able to take a Tesla and travel across the US for free! This is value and this is why these companies are kicking some major ass.

Culture is contagious

The other thing is culture, the people who work at those places make it. YYC Cycle hires the best instructors out there. Heck they don’t even call them that. They are called motivators and they are. Some of them are very successful Calgary entrepreneurs. They all share the same values, beliefs and are equally motivational with different styles to keep it interesting and variable. Same with Starbucks! When I wake up in the morning I want to be served by a Starbucks employee who is genuinely smiling and asks about my name and fucks it up every time anyways. The culture is so awesome, I have a Starbucks name now! The wonderful thing about creating a culture like that is it attracts the same kind of customers who share the same values and beliefs. I am more likely to bump into an entrepreneur at YYC Cycle than that stupid ass stinky gym in the basement of the mall.

Value-added marketing and giving, duh!

Providing value is not just about providing it in the products, but also in the marketing. Some of these places do not even pay a single penny on shitty outbound and interruption style advertising. They market themselves by supporting their community and providing valuable content or services to their current and potential customers and clients. All spin studios and gyms can claim they are the best and maybe slap a huge billboard ad in the middle of Crowchild and distract people to try to get you in the door. Instead, you can just simply support your community and people will fall in love with you rather than blowing cash on outbound ads. YYC Cycle dedicates 2 whole spin classes weekly to charity and guess what, we get to choose that charity! It makes me feel awesome about spinning. I now associate spinning with giving and the secret to living is giving which makes the secret to living, spinning at YYC Cycle!

Now that is what it means to have raving fans! Shitty businesses take note.

- Husam Al-rameeni

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