Businesses now more than ever need to recognize that social media is crucial for marketing. An entire generation now exists, where instantaneous information is available to the population at their fingertips. It’s disappointing that many businesses are barely utilizing social media platforms, especially emerging and rapidly growing ones such as Snapchat and Instagram. These are the platforms that anyone between the ages of 10-35 spend the most time on and the demographic is rapidly expanding in the older generations. It is their way to check on family, friends, news, events and much more. It is the first thing they check in the morning and before going to bed. The beauty of social media marketing through Snapchat is that it gives businesses the ability to provide content to followers directly through their phones. Smartphones have become the leading source of digital content to the consumer so why not be smart and start utilizing Snapchat marketing?

QuadRipple is excited to be on the forefront of this social media revolution. On November 8th 2016, election day for the United States, we launched our first Snapchat filter. Snapchat filters are a digital graphic that overlay Snapchatters images and videos. They can be capped to a physical location anywhere in the city. For example, if you are having a house party, wedding, campus-wide event, or even at a coffee shop, geofilters can be used by people that are Snapchatting in that area. The act of choosing an area where your Snapchat filter can be used is called geofencing. This is how it works:

1- Design: 

First of all you have to design a Snapchat filter that abides by the Snapchat policy. As you may guess, you cannot put links, websites, or hashtags on this design. The goal is to provide people with a valuable filter that they will find attractive enough to use in that location. It has to be relevant and it must provide value. Do not just slap your logo on it. There are certain guidelines for the designs that QuadRipple is more than happy to help you with.

2- Geofence:

Here you have to surround the location that you want your Snapchat filter to be available for. This is where you have to be creative and resourceful. Examples of Snapchat filter uses:

1- Bars and restaurants (especially on a weekend night when people typically Snapchat)
2- Events
3- Conferences
4- Weddings
5 House parties
6-Awareness campaigns

The process is relatively straightforward. You simply have to fence off the size and the location where you want the filter to be accessible by Snapchat users and for the duration you want that filter to be available. Snapchat’s algorithm will then give you the exact investment amount you must pay to enable this filter which is dependent on several factors.


After choosing your design, fenced location, and duration, just pay with a credit card and wait for your filter to be approved. It takes between 10 minutes to an hour for an approval on the proposed filter.

4- Go live!

The filter will be live for the duration chosen and within the geofence. Anyone that is snapchatting in that area can use your Snapchat filter. This way you let the people do your marketing for you. All you have to do is design a few Snapchat filters and a strategy which QuadRipple is happy to help with and then go live! Once up, you will have access to Snapchat analytics such as impressions and uses.

It is time to step up your social media game and take it to the next level. The way people are communicating and living is changing faster than before and your marketing methods should adapt accordingly. Stay up to date on the latest social media growth trends by tapping into this growing army of Snapchat users.

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