The HustleCo Workspace will be a shared coworking space opening Spring 2017 in Calgary with a superior motivational and engaging work environment optimized for entrepreneurs and freelancers. The HustleCo workspace is about much more than just dividing office space and providing desks. It’s about creating a space with a culture so contagious that people are addicted to going to work because the environment fosters creativity, community, hard-work and hustle. The winning and athletic work environment coupled with access to beneficial resources and superior marketing guidance from QuadRipple at the HustleCo Workspace enables members and visitors to reach their full potential unlike any other coworking space on the market.

Why Coworking

The economy is shifting and coworking spaces are becoming much more prevalent. The specifics of growth in the coworking and shared office space industry can be found in the market research section of our business plan. Just do a simple Google search for statistics and press coverage and you will quickly realize this industry is still in it’s infancy and is growing with lots of room explode. Even the search term “coworking space” is 10 times more popular today than only 4 years ago in Canada. Coworking is also the ideal solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs and those participating in the decentralized and rapidly growing “gig-economy.”

Most freelancers and budding entrepreneurs work from home or from the coffee shop as this is the least expensive option. The issues with that are the lack of social interaction and networking, and the inconveniences faced when working from a coffee shop such as: poor internet, distractions and less than ideal workspace. A full-size private office is usually too costly for the budding entrepreneur or freelancer and ends up being an extension of the home due to the lack of social interaction in a private office. Coworking spaces are the happy medium between the two. It is much more affordable than private offices because most coworkers rent only a dedicated desk and share resources like boardrooms, the internet or the kitchen. Coworking also provides the value of being in an environment surrounded by similar entrepreneurs and freelancers with various talents and skills that can grow your own business. Given the exceptionally low-lease rates right now in Calgary, the rapidly increasing demand for coworking spaces, the lack of market competition, and the right founders behind this vision, the HustleCo Workspace brand is positioned for exponential growth.

Why HustleCo

Building the HustleCo Workspace brand is about much more than just dividing office space and providing desks. It’s about creating a space with a culture so contagious that people are addicted to going to work. Our members will dream about going to work and not because they have to but because they want to. It’s about enabling people to work passionately in an environment that fosters creativity, community, hard-work and hustle. Think of it like this; it’s the difference between riding a stationary bike facing a bland wall and being bored to death as the hour drags on like molasses versus completely rocking a spin class in a motivational, positive, exciting and energetic environment at a spin studio where the hour flies by. You actually want to go to spin class rather than have to, and that’s the difference marker. That why the spin studio can charge for that experience and even though the bike at home has no operating costs and can theoretically achieve the same results, you still choose the go to the studio. We all know that willpower, which keeps you on that bike facing the wall, although cute, only lasts so long. A winning, optimistic and athletic psychology and physiology is paramount for long-term commitment, sustainability and success in anything. Our vision is to apply these concepts in a coworking space to redefine what it means to go to work so that working passionately in our environment becomes a compulsion for our members.

Stay tuned for HustleCo Workspace developments and for more information visit the website link to see what coworking in Calgary at HustleCo is all about!