As you can imagine, in my line of work it is important to remain current on how business is evolving in the economy and anticipating where it will be in the future. One of the greatest skills a successful entrepreneur can have is the ability to anticipate where things are going. I work in my passion, and I am always fascinated as to how business evolves in the economy. I am addicted to growth and at QuadRipple, we are outlaws and progressives so it is key to see where things are going to be ahead of the curve. Buy low, sell high. The simplest rule in business right? I recently wrote an article about the gig economy and 3 implications I predict will come from it, check it out here: gearing up for the gig economy. What inspired me to write that article however was learning about the successful transition as one of the awesome motivators at YYC Cycle went from working full-time in the traditional economy to fully embracing her passions in the gig economy.

Follow your passions

This motivator used to work in a well-paying technical role, but hated every minute of it. I know first hand the pain as I experienced it myself. As someone who enjoys helping, inspiring and being around people, when you are bottlenecked in a career with limited human interaction, zero optimism and a lack of growth, you start to go crazy. The struggle is real because there’s only one thing that keeps you going into that job every morning and that thing is money. And money believe it or not, is never a good primary reason to do anything, especially when the pursuit of it is deteriorating the quality of your life. Wealth truly is a state of mind, I cannot emphasize this enough. Eventually this motivator took massive determined action and decided to quit the job she hated and followed something she was passionate about. Now, she also works at a yoga studio and a barre instructor within Calgary.

To the stubborn conservative folks like my old boss that resisted change; I’m sure he would view her as just having 3 part-time jobs, full-stop. But to the visionaries, anticipators and entrepreneurs like myself and Husam, this is the epitome of the future gig economy and it is beautiful! What makes it so great is not just that she is so happy with what she does now but that she is simultaneously contributing beyond herself by delivering this passion and inspiration to those that take her class. She is inspiring those that take her class to improve and achieve superior mental and physical fitness for a better quality of life. Getting paid to work in something you are passionate about while leaving a positive impact in the lives of others and maintaining top physical shape sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

Stop waiting

So what are you waiting for? Many people reading this probably continue to deplete the quality of their life to comply with societal norms by staying in careers that aren’t motivating to them and which they are not growing in. However, thanks to technology and the millennial mindset you can make money selling your passions and skills in the gig economy. Like to cook but can’t go full time or afford your own restaurant yet? Join ourhomecook, an Alberta-born application and become a gig economy chef. Like to drive and meet new people for cash? Become an Uber or Lyft driver. Do you enjoy influencing people or like voicing your opinion? Get active on social media and soon enough you’ll have enough followers to earn an income from it. Enjoy walking dogs? Who doesn’t! And yes, there’s a local Calgary app called Spot for that. We have so much access to technology now and with mindsets changing you can be at the forefront of it. Stop settling for a career you aren’t passionate about pursuing and use the technology available today to make positive changes in your life!

In line with following our passion and helping others to follow their own, QuadRipple is excited to move forward into the next expansion phase and vision for our company by opening HustleCo Workspace. The HustleCo Workspace will be a shared coworking space opening Summer 2017 in Calgary with a superior motivational and engaging work environment optimized for entrepreneurs and freelancers. The HustleCo workspace is about much more than just dividing office space and providing desks. It’s about creating a space with a culture so contagious that people are addicted to going to work because the environment fosters creativity, community, hard-work and hustle. The winning and athletic work environment coupled with access to beneficial resources and superior marketing guidance from QuadRipple at the HustleCo Workspace enables members and visitors to reach their full potential unlike any other coworking space on the market.