Your resume is the gateway to your dream job. The first thing most employers ask for is one, and usually it is the resume which they use to screen out interviewees. On average a recruiter or employer will look at your resume for 5 to 7 seconds tops. For it not to be looked over, you need to catch their attention in that time frame. Make the experience memorable and stand out at the top of the candidate list. One of the simplest and effective ways you can stand out is through an E-resume which is essentially a website just for you.

1- Stand out

Stand out from the crowd and let your future employer know that you are different than other applicants. By going digital you automatically launch yourself ahead of the 98% of applicants that do not have a digital resume. Having one will reflect a fresh and progressive way of thinking that every worthy employer will be looking for. Applying with a website resume will immediately grab their attention. All you have to do is to print a few business cards with your web address and contact information and you’re on your way to make an outstanding first impression.

2- Tracking

Ever wonder if your resume has been looked at? How long was spent looking at it? How many people have viewed it? Was it viewed by a specific organization? Or is it just lost in a pile of resumes or in a massive HR email inbox? The beauty of an online resume is that you can track visitors. Connect it to Google Analytics and you are good to go. Tracking is important because it will give you an insight on your next move. If your resume has been viewed a few times you know that there is interest and you can email the visitor to secure an interview. It can be stressful to just sit and wait in the dark. With an E-resume, you can take action, adjust your strategy and hunt that dream job you always wanted

3- Customizable

That moment really sucks when you know that you forgot a major skill that would have been key in landing a specific job. It is a point of no return with traditional printed or PDF resumes. That is not the case with a website resume. You can access it anywhere and anytime to add or change things that will boost your chances. Think about this, you just finished applying for a marketing position at a local company and totally forgot to include that you are familiar with the Adobe Design Suite. With an online resume it is never too late! All you have to do is just login to your website and add that specific skill, and it’s updated immediately.

4- Branding

Your online website is an extension of you. It is not just another LinkedIn profile. Think of yourself as a brand and now you have more ways to impress your potential employer than just another printed resume, or PDF document. Choose colors that will astonish them. Upload high quality images that will speak to the person you are trying to impress. Put call to actions like “Contact me now” all over the website to increase the chances of being contacted. You can also put sample of work that you have done and links to articles that you are proud of and the your new job will be right around the corner.

5 - Scalability

It sounds silly but with an online resume, the sky's the limit. You can add as little or a much information as you want. Resumes have usually always been about 2 pages, due to the history of them being paper. Now, with a website you can have all your history well organized so the employer can choose how much or how little they would like to see. You can include screenshots, statistics, testimonials and almost everything that speaks to your abilities. The greatest part is more information, and more applications doesn’t mean more money. Once you’ve paid for hosting, design and development, you’re good to go.

It is time to go paperless and digital. Stand out from the crowd and be informed about your application process. If you need help starting your own customized website talk to us at QuadRipple and we will be more than happy to help. Check out my resume and let me know what you think!