In today’s digital age, people have become so inundated with advertising and traditional marketing that it is less effective than ever. Most people today are experts at filtering through sponsored content and are using technology to avoid advertising such as: DVR for television, music streaming for radio, and adblockers for internet browsing. Having quality, engaging content will grow your business followership into a large and loyal lifetime customer base and establish your business as an industry influencer. Here are 6 reasons why your business should incorporate a content marketing strategy now.


Less expensive

Content marketing is much more effective per dollar spent than traditional advertising. Since traditional advertising relies only on paid impressions, good valuable content easily spreads through free, organic sharing on social networks and in person. Everyone knows the best marketing is word of mouth, and with the digital age in full swing, the newest form of it is online, organic sharing on social networks.

More leads

Customers will only give out their contact information if they are expecting to receive something in exchange for it. If you are providing valuable content that is serving a purpose for them, they feel more comfortable providing you with their contact information.

Lifetime customer loyalty

When you consistently engage your customers with content across multiple channels, you remain in the forefront of their mind as experts in that field. The most successful companies in the world have raving fan bases and are leaders by providing value. Think of Apple and Tesla and how their customers will do almost anything for a brand they have no stakes in! It’s possible to become a leader in your community for your product or service as well.


Advertisements expire but valuable content never does. A recipe for spaghetti carbonara to promote the sale of pancetta and parmesan at your Italian artisanal store will never go out of style however, a billboard with a promotion will.

Increased search engine visibility (SEO)

Google is the most widely used search engine because they provide their users with value and it’s in their interest to put the most valuable websites first. Google didn’t become a multi-billion dollar company by providing searchers with useless content. If you are producing valuable content on your website, Google’s advanced algorithms will detect that and will move you up in the ranks.

Increased brand recognition

In today’s sharing economy, you must rely on your customers to share your content organically. Your customers will not share a sponsored ad in their feed for your company on their social networks; why would they? They will certainly share a content piece that is valuable to them and to their network, even if it reached them initially through sponsorship.

Get started on your content strategy today. If you need guidance, let us know!

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