Did you ever wonder about the meaning of the certain emotions we experience on a daily basis? I am talking about the emotions that we all try to avoid and prefer not to experience, let’s say the negative ones. After reading “Awaken The Giant Within” by Tony Robbins, an amazing and inspiring book, I learned that those feelings are signs. They are signals that carry a larger meaning and a call to take action. We should embrace them, understand them, and act upon them. After reading the corresponding chapter in his book, I felt the urge to summarize them and share them with the world. By managing these emotions appropriately as signals, it has had a profound effect on my life. This is a treasure and everyone should know about them, so what are they?


Uncomfortable emotions that cause a nagging sensations. They are bothersome and don't make you feel right.


It could be boredom, impatience or a mild embarrassment


  1. Change your state immediately: physically and emotionally.  Pinpoint the reason for you discomfort.
  2. Identify what you really want to accomplish.
  3. Take a step back, try a different approach to the situation and change the quality of the results you are producing.


Ranging from low levels of concern to intense worry, anxiety and even terror.


The anticipation of something that’s going to happen soon and needs to be prepared for.


  1. Identify what you are afraid of
  2. Evaluate what you need to do to prepare for the situation
  3. Do all you can do to prepare and make a decision to have faith that you have done all can to deal with the situation   


Feelings that are generated by the sense of loss


We have expectations from someone that have not been met


  1. Rethink the situation. The person who got you hurt might not have a clue that they have done so.
  2. Ask yourself, is there really a loss here? Am I judging the situation too soon?
  3. Elegantly and appropriately communicate your feelings to the person involved


From being mildly irritated to resentful, furious or even enraged


An important rule or a standard you hold has been violated by someone else or by yourself


  1. The person that caused you anger may have not realized that they violated your standards and you may have assumed they did!

  2. Rethink your values, maybe they are not the “right values”

  3. Learn from the experience and communicate your standard and values with the people you care about and want to have in your life.


 When we feel we are surrounded by roadblock or continuously putting in effort but no reward in return.


This is an exciting signal. Your brain is telling you that you could do better than you currently are.


  1. Realize that frustration is your friend and that the solution is within reach. Just brainstorm new ways to get your results.

  2. Try to ask someone and get some input or follow a role model that has been in the situation before

  3. Know that what you learn here will help you handle this same challenge in the future

6- Disappointment

The devastating feeling of being “let down”. Anything that makes us feel defeated as a result of expecting more than you get.


An expectation or a goal you were going for is probably not going to happen


  1. Immediately try to identify something that you can learn from  the situation and can use in the future.
  2. Set a new goal, something will be even more inspiring that you can start immediately working for.  
  3. Realize that you may be judging the situation too soon. Develop patience.This could be a temporary challenge
  4. Be positive and expect the results you anticipated regardless of the past.


Painful emotions of regret and remorse that we avoid most in life.


It is a message that you have violated one of your highest standards and values and that something must be done to make sure that this will never happen again in the future.


  1. Do acknowledge that you have violated an important standard that you hold
  2. Don't beat yourself up. What’s done is done but immediately commit to yourself that you will never never do this again


Feeling of unworthiness when we feel we can't do something we should be able to do.


Understand that you do not presently have the level of skill needed for the task. It is telling you need more information, understanding, strategies or confidence.  


  1. Rethink the way you are perceiving things and ask yourself again “Am I really inadequate”
  2. Take the situation as an encouragement to improve in that area. You can begin to feel adequate again by immediately taking action and constantly trying to improve in that area.
  3. Find a role model and get some coaching from them


Grief, depression and helplessness emotions that people perceive when there is more going on in their life that they think they can handle


A message that you need to reevaluate what is most important in your life.


  1. Decide what is the absolute more important thing that you should focus one
  2. Put the things you want to accomplish on paper in order of impotence. That alone can give you a sense of power and start accomplishing them one by one.
  3. Take action and start checking off tasks of your list
  4. Realize that you are now in control


Anything that makes us feel apart or separate from others


You need a connection with people and it is a great reminder that you love and care about people (which is a good thing!).


  1. Immediately start reaching out to people. There are caring humans being everywhere.
  2. Identify what kind of connection you want.
  3. Take immediate action, reach out to people and chat with anyone you can anywhere, anytime!

Always remember that these emotions are sending you messages. You can always make them disappear by taking action and using this document as a guide. Anthony Robbins, the author of this book touched the lives of and has inspired over 50 million people including myself. I encourage everyone to read his books and listen to his videos and podcasts. Remember you are always in control of your emotions and your life and can immediately trigger change!

This content has been summarized from Tony Robbins book, "Awaken The Giant Within"



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