As part of our Entrepreneurial Endeavours initiative, QuadRipple is always looking to meet with and feature local small businesses and entrepreneurs. Last week we met with ATB Financial, which is certainly is not a small business, in fact they are serving more businesses than any other bank in Alberta! However, we wanted to meet with  ATB Financial because of their commitment as a large business to helping small businesses. We reached out to Tanya Kroeker, the Managing Director of Entrepreneurship, Business and Agriculture at ATB Financial for a meeting to learn a little more about what ATB does to benefit small business. Tanya grew up on a farm northwest of Calgary and having grown up in an entrepreneurial household she has a strong understanding of the crucial relationship between banks, business owners and farmers. Tanya also studied agricultural science and marketing which connects her perfectly with the goals of the ATB Financial: Entrepreneurship, Business and Agriculture division. Here are 3 awesome initiatives we learned that make ATB the best bank for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

  1. Many would agree Alberta is already one of the best provinces in Canada to do business, and ATB is making it even better. We learned that they are recently launching two entrepreneur centres, in Calgary and Edmonton to help become the “Bank for Entrepreneurs” in Alberta. The entrepreneur centres will allow business owners access to resources that they can utilize to grow their business. Some of these resources will include workshops, mentorship, networking opportunities and advice from strategists. ATB is also capable of helping showcase clients they have assisted through their “We Grow Alberta” campaign. For some of these small businesses, the exposure has helped them greatly in their marketing efforts. The entrepreneur centres are opening soon, so keep an eye out!
  2. ATB Financial offers a platform known as Alberta BoostR. BoostR is a rewards based crowdfunding program. The beauty about BoostR is the access that clients have to crowdfunding coaches to help them reach the next level of funding for their business. ATB also holds live stage pitch events through BoostR which gives entrepreneurs further exposure, and allows them to practice their pitch to potential investors including our favourite ex-Dragon, Arlene Dickinson!
  3. ATB LendR Is a great platform currently in the testing stage to help certain businesses obtain a loan. It functions using a crowd-lending concept, where a Lendr can essentially function as a bank by offering to provide a portion of a business loan. This is helpful for many small businesses because good businesses do not always fit complex lending rules. ATB believes in their Lendrs as a way of voting with their dollars on the specific business, so once half the loan is raised, ATB contributes the other half.

For more information about the program about the LendR and BoostR programs from ATB, click the embedded links. For the aspiring and existing entrepreneurs out there, remember execution is everything, take action! Ideas are important and everyone has them, but it’s those who make ideas happen who will achieve success and trigger an impact in the world. If you have an awesome product or service and would like to meet QuadRipple to be featured in our Entrepreneurial Endeavours blog, let us know.