What is hosting and why do I need it for a website? When you build a website, the files (pictures, content etc.) need to be “hosted” somewhere so they can be accessed by anyone trying to visit your website. Theoretically, you could host your website on your own computer however, for your website to be accessible at any time, your computer would always have to be on and connected to the internet! Also, there are some security issues with hosting a website on your personal computer. Lastly, your computer likely doesn’t have the processing power to host your website when you start to get a lot of visitors. This would crash your computer rendering your website inaccessible and could result in data loss.

To solve this problem, there are hosting companies that have massive data centres that can “host” your data for you. They are protected against power outages, damage, and have exceptionally fast connectivity and massive processing power. At QuadRipple we host our client websites using A Small Orange. They are an American based hosting service based in California. What makes A Small Orange so great?

99.9% Uptime

Good uptime means your website is almost always accessible. This is important for Search Engine Optimization to ensure your site is rarely offline. Google does not like offline websites.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

ASO uses solid state hard drives. This means unlike the hard drive in most PC’s which is a spinning magnetic disk, SSD’s use flash memory (much like an SD card). The advantage is that data can be accessed lightning fast. A spinning drive is mechanical, whereas an SSD is digital. Google prioritizes websites that are easily accessible and load fast, so this is a huge benefit for your Search Engine Optimization as well.

365 - 24/7 Support

When hosting a website, and things go wrong, ASO is there to help you out. They are always available for support for the times you’ve accidentally crashed your website during a migration at 3am.


ASO offers competitive pricing, and we are convinced they are worth every penny.

If you wish to build and host a Wordpress website yourself, we recommend using A Small Orange to get started. If you would prefer QuadRipple to host and maintain your Wordpress website, we can do that as well! For questions or comments, feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to help!