The QuadRipple team had the pleasure of attending Business Mastery held by one of the foremost business and life performance coaches in the world, Tony Robbins. You might know him from his newest flick “I am not your Guru” available on Netflix (even in Canada!). Tony doesn't believe in the motivational, positive thinking bullshit and he says it time and time again. More than anything, he is a human being that truly cares about people and keeps them engaged and full of energy, in a “peak state” is what he calls it. For 5 days straight, we sat for 16 hours a day listening to the most valuable business tips on earth. You would think that you would get bored or tired but the opposite is true. In any Tony Robbins event, you won’t sit down for more than 45 minutes without getting up and shaking your ass to crazy upbeat music. He puts you outside your comfort zone, and beyond your threshold of control by asking you to dance with, massage and hug at least 100 people every day.

The immersive experience with Tony orchestrating allows you to find some answers for questions that you were afraid of asking yourself. He embeds so much energy and confidence in your mindset that allows you to realize your maximum potential. What’s even more motivational are the stories that you hear from people that went through a massive life transformation after his events 3 months prior. I watched his online videos, read his book and transformed myself before this event but it is not even close to the outstanding experience at Business Mastery 2016. I want to share with you some of the amazing business tips that I learnt not just from Tony Robbins, but from the other amazing business leaders over the course of 5 days

Part 1

Day 1 started with much anticipation. With over 1500 people in the room, there was so much energy in the room. Many of these people (over 70%) had seen Tony before but that wasn’t the case for me. This was my first time and my heart was racing to see him come on stage. Once Tony entered the room, everyone went nuts including myself. Everyone was dancing, screaming and full on contagious, positive energy. After 15 minutes of crazy celebration, which happens every time he walks through that curtain on stage, the man starts his seminar. The first words that came out his mouth is a promise that he will deliver 1M dollars of value or else you can obtain a full refund at the end of the day, and he certainly delivered that.

Some key points he brought to attention on the first day:

“Hunger is the greatest”
  • In order to get what you want you have to be hungry and have a strong enough reason to do so. The why and the what is far more important than the how.

“Repetition is the mother of skill”
  • If you practice to do anything in life, over and over, you can train your mind and body to get adjusted to and endure the challenging times. Any activity that allows you to go beyond your threshold is just more practice and life experience. After a while you will become immune to some of the stupid daily shit that would have normally put you in a bad state and affected some key decisions.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the creativity”
  • Some of the most successful people on earth became who they are because they were able to utilize the resources that they had at the time. Do not complain about the things that you can’t control because that is not going to get anyone anywhere. The ultimate resource is resourcefulness.

“Fear is imagination undirected and faith is imagination with direction”
  • This one really got to me. It is all about psychology. If you have a strong and compelling enough reason for accomplishing something, you can do it.

“What business am I in? What business I should really be In? What business do I need to be in?”
  • Apple truly transformed when they decided to stop being Apple Computers and switch to just “Apple.” The business they truly are in is “connecting people with their passions”

“Who are you mainly in your business? The answer is one of three:”1 -
  1. Skilled producer: Are you the person with the talent? Did you start you business because you have skill that other people do not have?
  2. Manager: Are you a leader and passionate about motivating people and driving results?
  3. Entrepreneur: You're in business for the thrill and you have an acute vision and can see thing that other cannot.

You might wonder why the heck do I need to know that. Well, are you being inefficient in your business by taking on tasks that can be done better? Do you need to hire someone so you can focus on doing what you do best? Why you started to do business in the first place?

The first day ended with figuring out where you are in the business cycle as well. Tony Robbins wanted to focus on this topic. He kept mentioning that even if you have a full strategy for your business you need to know where you are in the business to predict what you want to do next and if there are any factors threatening your business. Each state of the business has different characteristics, for example, if your business is in its midlife, after its prime state, you need to start thinking about innovation and how to bring back your business to its prime state. A brand that did this very well was Jagermeister. Yes that cool, hip and aromatic, black-shot mixed with a bunch of energy drinks and consumed at rave clubs used to be an old man’s drink that was drunk after finishing up work at the farm. All the company had to do is change the marketing by making it appeal to the younger generation. Your industry also has a life cycle as well. If you are in the paper/printing industry you might want to start thinking about bringing in innovation before you end up being the casualty of a disruptive technology like Netflix which annihilated Blockbuster. The CEO really failed to see that one coming, #epicfail.