One factor that has helped us really grow ourselves and our business since May, has been our commitment to eating healthy and to exercising at least 4 times per week. It started with the stair workout at Crescent Heights and cycle trips regularly. The lack of sunny weather this summer transitioned our cycling into regular attendance at YYC Cycle. We have been spinning at least every day (on average) since purchasing our September unlimited pass at YYC Cycle. This is by far one of the best investments QuadRipple has made since our formation last year. The exercise allows us to disconnect from the business world for 50 minutes, end up in a beautiful and positive state, and surround ourselves with amazing, like-minded and goal oriented individuals. A monthly pass at roughly 200 dollars is not chump change however, in my 25 years experience, it provides a level of value that is unmatched in this competitive space. I would rather pay 200 per month to go to YYC Cycle than be payed 200 per month to go to a gym which I refuse to mention here....

As we always mention with our content marketing strategy for clients, a content strategy must at least be 1) convenient to produce 2) provide value. This seems to resonate with YYC Cycle as well and their workout aligns with that perfectly. It is convenient. You show up and you have a class with a great motivator. It’s very straightforward. It is also, minute for minute, a damn good workout. At least 600 calories per hour. Now the second point, does it provide value? This is truly where YYC Cycle shines. To me, it provides a level of value at least 10 times greater than the competition for the price. This is similar to how innovative companies such as Apple provide unique value in their market. Of course, value is subjective, and people have different preferences. However, to members of The Bikergang at YYC Cycle, we would all agree, it provides a level of value in the fitness space that is unmatched in the city of Calgary, and likely Western Canada. I urge everyone to at least try the 2 week intro session for a mere $50.

This Sunday, we were reminded once again about how amazing YYC Cycle is a company, and how they are not in the business of “spin classes” but in the business of so much more. Halfway during the noon session at Kensington, the building fire alarm went off. The motivator in charge of the class, Mandy, guided us to the outside of the building to avoid the sound of the false alarm, or perhaps for our safety? Most other mediocre businesses probably would’ve either canceled the class at that point, or had us wait outside until the alarm was silenced. A slightly better than mediocre business would offer a refund on the interrupted class. What did YYC Cycle do? Well, they did it live! Our motivator guided us out to the sidewalk with our weights and we proceeded to do our weight exercises outside! It may seem like a simple detail, but as business owners ourselves, we acknowledged the type of proactive leadership necessary in uncertain times of crisis like that. Not only that, there was an incredible experiential marketing component to this stunt that really attracted tons of passersby on the sidewalk. Kudos to YYC Cycle for creating an amazing culture at their studio and for recruiting fantastic leaders, motivators and people. This was just another reason why YYC Cycle is more than just a spin studio and really is creating an enviable culture of raving fans. So much that some decide to even blog about it!

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