Husam and Steve from QuadRipple meet W. Brett Wilson

I always loved Dragon’s Den, I remember watching it in Montreal to put off studying for my engineering exams. This was when it was the best, Jim, Robert, Kevin, Arlene and Brett. I always thought Brett was the superior dragon, with the levelest head of them all. On TV, everyone knows Kevin can be quite heartless and Arlene can have too much of a heart. For me, Brett is the perfect combination. And I greatly respect him because of his engineering background, which I of course relate to. Coming from a small town myself, it’s also nice to see a Dragon who is from a small community. I have been following Brett for sometime on his Facebook and he always brings up valid political arguments that I align with. He applies a level of critical thinking to his approach unlike the majority of political statements I see on my Facebook feed. I always knew Brett was a great dragon and entrepreneur, but my thoughts on Brett have truly been solidified and reinforced after seeing him speak recently at the University of Calgary.

Throughout the last 2 years of my entrepreneurship journey, both Husam and I have learned a lot about business, sales, corporate social opportunity (as Brett calls it), marketing etc. During his talk, I found myself, and my business partner Husam, constantly nodding our heads. Everything that Brett says, is pretty damn correct! First off, I was thrilled to hear that he is fond of Maxime Bernier (Mad Max). At that point, I poked Husam and said “told ya so” because I absolutely love this guy and think he has the best policy platform for Canada. For the record, Husam is a bit more of an O’Leary fan and thinks he’ll overtake Maxime. Also, Brett mentioned his support for Kevin O’Leary whom I also support, but not quite as much as Max. Just like Brett said, he’s about 60% Max, 40% O’Leary, and I couldn’t be closer to those numbers myself. Perhaps O’Leary can be Max’s chief of staff or something? I think if they combined their powers we would have outstanding leadership for this country in 2019.

Brett also talked about the carbon tax and I wholeheartedly support his disdain for the current use of our carbon tax funds. Brett is absolutely correct on this one. Ontario’s policies for example have driven so many struggling Canadians into energy poverty. It’s a disgrace and part of the reason I moved out West. Even in this downturn, I feel there is more opportunity than out East. Canada is such a resource rich country, there’s no reason we should be taxing our citizens into poverty. It’s not right. For the record, Brett and myself, aren’t climate change deniers, we acknowledge climate change. We just like to ask questions and challenge what are the best policies to mitigate anthropogenic climate change and apply critical thinking as any good engineer should, rather than the knee-jerk reactions of many. In the words of Brett Wilson, “consensus does not equal fact” and that really stuck with me.

A key part of his talk was about the importance and benefit of giving. This is something, over the past few years of my entrepreneurship journey, I have learned is so important. QuadRipple has been committed to giving and it shows in the several rants we have on it, but also, in our most recent episode of In Progress "Give". The secret to living is giving, that’s not Brett’s, that’s Tony Robbins, but I have an inkling Brett believes it too. He talked about giving, and how it can never be truly altruistic because no matter what, giving feels good! You all know, I couldn't agree more. Just watch my rant on Corporate Giving, and why it’s such a beautiful thing. We must focus on the outcomes of giving, not the intentions necessarily. The main driving force for Husam and I for continuing to grow our business and our influence is to be able to give to more to more people on a greater scale.

Another awesome point, bet on the jockey, not the horse! The horse races for a few years, the jockey, much longer. This was in reference to betting on the people behind the business vision and not necessarily the business itself or the idea. It made me so happy when he said this, because this is something else we agree upon. There’s a reason why a huge portion of our HustleCo business plan is just talking about the leadership skills and synergy between Husam and I and why we are excellent founders to execute this vision. And yes, as Brett says, even though we have no sales yet for HustleCo, doesn't mean we're not worth investing in folks, are you listening Kevin O'Leary? We know, in business, you have to be dynamic, as we have been with QuadRipple for our continued growth.

After the talk and selfie, Husam, Praneet and I headed to The Den for some wings and a beer. Luck has it, we saw Brett leaving the parking lot in a very humble vehicle and got a wave on our way back to the car! I've always been a big fan of Brett, but now, I'm an even bigger one. Anyways, enough ranting, I am just so grateful to have had the opportunity to shake the hand of an ex-dragon and take a selfie with him and my kickass business partner. I have a much greater admiration for Brett than I ever have before, and it has already taken me to chapter 2 of his book, Redefining Success. I would highly recommend seeing Brett Wilson if you have the chance! I hope to meet you again one day Brett, I’ll be sure to catch your next speaking event in Calgary and will make it your annual garden party in the future. You rock! Keep it real and do it live!