With the impending federal legalization of marijuana in Canada, QuadRipple would like to announce our support as a corporation for this policy. The QuadRipple team, while often trying to avoid politics, has always been outspoken against the criminalization of marijuana use. There are many reasons to support the legalization of marijuana including: the reduction of criminal activity, increased economic benefits, increased tax revenue, access to safer marijuana for users and less burden on our justice system just to name a few.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to support the legalization of marijuana is on the premise that both sugar and alcohol are legalized and they are far more dangerous than marijuana. Marijuana has long been erroneously blamed as a gateway drug. We agree with a great Canadian entrepreneur, W. Brett Wilson’s statements, that the two greatest gateway drugs in Canada today are 1) sugar and 2) alcohol. There is overwhelming evidence that both sugar and alcohol are much more addictive and dangerous to Canadian society and an individual's health than marijuana. The leading cause of death in Canada is both heart disease and cancer which are accelerated by sugar consumption. Overconsumption of alcohol has a plethora of health implications and indirectly has led to countless motor vehicle accidents and deaths.

“For those who support the criminalization of marijuana on the basis of safety, you must also logically support the criminalization of alcohol and sugar as well to avoid being hypocritical!” - QuadRipple

Recreational and medicinal marijuana use is a reality that has existed since humans discovered it. Unfortunately, it still has a very negative stigma that we do not believe it deserves based on the safety record of marijuana versus various other legalized substances. As a result, most other inbound and digital marketing companies may not be willing to work with certain businesses involved in the marijuana industry, however, since we support the legalization of marijuana, QuadRipple is happy to accept new clients! With the impending federal legalization, we are excited to work with and support any new and growing organizations that supply, grow, distribute and sell legal marijuana. Whether these businesses need websites, social media guidance and support, content generation, strategy help and various other forms of inbound content marketing and digital media, we are here to help. We look forward to working with retailers, clinics, edibles producers, farmers, distributors and the like to contribute and help make the Albertan economy a little more green. Hurry up Justin.