There are many tasks that come along with the responsibility of owning a business. One of them among many others, is to provide value to your customer base through your products and services. But that is never enough, especially in this day and age where competition is fierce. Therefore, the aforementioned responsibility requires you to also differentiate your business as much as possible through marketing. There is one question that you must always ask yourself before attempting to start the content-creation process though: DOES IT PROVIDE VALUE? Is your target audience going to engage with it and share it? If that is the case, then go for it. If not, we are here to help! We would like to introduce you to some content creation ideas that you can use to market your business in a better way.

If you’re in the hair salon and beauty business, generating content for social media marketing is a fairly simple process. Your content is right there, living with you every single day! The most important thing though, is to focus on your customers while generating the right content. does not even have to be about hair or beauty. You can write about anything that you believe your clients could be interested in and talk about it all the time, and who should know more about that than yourself? Below are 5 content ideas you can use in order to have an effective social media marketing strategy for your hair salon business.

1-Featuring your current clients in Q&A content.

Develop a weekly client feature section on your blog utilizing a Q&A format. This strategy has been proven to be very effective by a few local Alberta startups. Have a set of questions, around 4 to 7, to ask to your clients. If you do not have the time to craft a post with more questions, then you can also choose to keep it simple and cap it to just one question. It doesn't necessarily have to be related to hair or beauty either and this is where you can be creative. The options are endless! This is quite an optimal method because there is a big chance your content will be reshared by the person you just interviewed and other people would be more likely to jump on the opportunity to be featured as well.

2- Healthy recipes

Part of your customer base usually includes people who care about their health and looks. Hire or partner up with a local food blogger or a friend that is passionate about food to write a series of weekly articles about healthy recipes. Foodies can be very creative and the content is very scalable!

3- Behind the scenes

Why settle for just looking at what is in front of us on a TV screen when we can now have the ability to go behind the scenes and reach out to even more people? Snapchat allows you to show the nitty-gritty of any event to your audience and broadcast it to millions of people in an instant. Just commit to doing 3-6 stories a day. It will literally takes you no more than 30 seconds! These videos are very popular nowadays and they will give you an edge over those who are still refusing to adopt these new technologies. Remember, be genuine, be yourself and don’t forget to market your personal brand.

4-Simply, Photos!

Instagram is a platform that is built around art, particularly, photography. photography, especially high-quality ones. I believe that any business should have a decent camera and should make photo-taking a habit. Nevertheless, it is all about commitment in this this case. Cameras now are typically dumb proof when they are set on AUTO mode. Just make sure to take as many photos as you consider appropriate for 2 straight days at the beginning of every month and post them regularly. At Quadripple, we are not fans of marketing automation, we believe in being aware of our own content and getting to know our followers by getting their feedback. Digital communication is and should be regarded as a two-way street.

5- Music

Now you have the chance to play catchy and engaging music in your salon and build your very own playlist. Everybody loves music! You can even go the extra mile and start making your salon look like a club. People remember things and places when they are associated with feelings and emotions. Remember that experimentation is key to great marketing!

We could sit down here for the next 10 hours and probably come up with 50 more ideas for your business. If you don’t have the time to do it however, then give us a call and we can point you in the right direction!


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