There are many tasks that come along with the responsibility of owning a business. One of them among many others, is to provide value to your customer base through your products and services. But that is never enough, especially in this day and age where competition is fierce. Therefore, the aforementioned responsibility requires you to also differentiate your business as much as possible through marketing. There is one question that you must always ask yourself before attempting to start the content-creation process though: DOES IT PROVIDE VALUE? Is your target audience going to engage with it and share it? If that is the case, then go for it. If not, we are here to help! We would like to introduce you to some content creation ideas that you can use to market your business in a better way.

If you are attempting to build a social media marketing strategy for a holiday destination, hotel, motel or even a cabin, then your biggest source of content should be visuals. All you really have to do is document what is currently unfolding at your holiday destination. One of the best elements you can utilize is the power of graphics. Additionally, to make the process of content generation much easier, it is highly recommended that you generate as much content as you can at once. Below are 5 content ideas that will allow you to get off to a kick-ass start for your marketing strategy:

1- Highlight activities taking place at the holiday destination

What can people do when they get to your destination? What are the most exciting activities you have to offer? People visit holiday destinations to experience things that they have never experienced before.That being said, the content where you display these activities could be the reason why they choose to go or not. Our suggestion would be to develop articles about the different activities they can experience, who are they suitable for, 5 things to know about this specific activity, among others. Secondly, you should have at least 10 photos of people having fun while doing this particular activity. Or you can have a series of people doing the same thing, e.g a 15 second video of different guests diving from a cliff while screaming. This type of content is scalable and it is flexible enough to be used to capture various moments of people having fun and enjoying themselves at your destination.

2- Inform people about the city!

Even if it is outside your holiday destination, your job is to guide people around the city with your content. Write a bunch of articles about 10 to 15 activities with must-see attractions and experiences within the destination city. If writing's not your thing, then you can try filming yourself while experiencing these attractions and give your 2 cents about them to your audience. Your job here is to guide potential customers through the process and convince people that you know your shit when it comes to your city!

3- Photos of major landmarks

This is arguably the easiest piece of content you can generate. If you are not into photography or your photography skills are precarious, you can simply hire a photographer and get them to take a 1000 photos of your location, as well as photos of guests having fun and doing cool stuff overall.  Afterwards, take that content, figure out the right hashtags and post 1 or 2 photos on Instagram everyday. Showing consistency while using the appropriate hashtags will allow you to double or even quadruple your Instagram following! Then rinse and repeat.

4- Locating specific experiences

Tell your target audience about the drinks, food and all the fun that you have around your location. Hire a photographer for the day and get them to take photos and videos of every single piece of activity, every dish and every drink that leave the kitchen or bar. Then, post that content on Instagram and Facebook. Always remember to use the right hashtags!

5- Random content ideas for a blog

  • Bringing kids to “Location X”
  • 10 things you didn’t know about “Location X”
  • Unique “Location X” Wildlife
  • How “Location X” is different than “Location Y”
  • 5 birds you must see in “Location X”
  • 5 birds and their Canadian look alikes
  • Swimming with the Whales, dolphins and porpoises in “Location X”
  • Coral species unique to beautiful “Location X”
  • Canadian Winter Weather vs “Location X”
  • 8 things you must bring to “Location X”
  • History of “Location X” (part 1, 2, 3)
  • 7 marine animals to see in “Location X”
  • Intro to snorkeling

You can turn any of these pieces into a series of articles. Be creative and remember to choose content that is easy to produce and that can be scaled into multiple blog posts.

Quadripple is happy to consult with you on your social media content strategy, as well as capturing the content itself through our famous content generation sessions.