There are many tasks that come along with the responsibility of owning a business. One of them among many others, is to provide value to your customer base through your products and services. But that is never enough, especially in this day and age where competition is fierce. Therefore, the aforementioned responsibility requires you to also differentiate your business as much as possible through marketing. There is one question that you must always ask yourself before attempting to start the content-creation process though: DOES IT PROVIDE VALUE? Is your target audience going to engage with it and share it? If that is the case, then go for it. If not, we are here to help! We would like to introduce you to some content creation ideas that you can use to market your business in a better way.

In a world where Peer to Peer apps are eating up and disrupting some of the toughest industries in the market, traditional HR firms are at risk of becoming irrelevant over time. The traditional model doesn't work anymore, so you need to work on differentiating yourself by relying on your marketing strategy. It's time to start providing value to your potential customers. Your job here is to be trusted by both your clients a.k.a the employers that have requested your services and their respective potential candidates. There is no doubt in mind that getting employers to sign with you is way harder than getting candidates for that job. Your focus however has to be on your clients. Below are some ideas to start attracting lifetime customers into your business:

1- “Work better” article series.

There is so much information out there about different ways to make a work environment better. Therefore, you can read and summarize them in a 300 to 500-word article and pump out a series of 10 articles. Afterwards, make sure you send them to your clients in a newsletter and post them on Facebook. You can also opt to utilize the notes section on Facebook for content-posting purposes. The best thing about Facebook notes is that you can mention and tag people and brands to give them additional exposure. Cross promoting is a very good strategy to grow across social media. Consequently, it is important to start thinking of digital interactions as equivalent to normal communication we partake in on a daily basis.

2- Calculator (salary tax creator)

The available digital tools we now have at our disposal have made it easier for users to put together simple and accessible calculator programs on their respective websites. If you have a website that runs on Wordpress, you can find specific plugins that are intended to build calculators for simple arithmetic operations on your site. The goal here is to craft and provide a simple and specific calculator to attract people that would use it on your site. For example, you can design a calculator to calculate taxes for different states or provinces.

3- Basic contracts:

Small businesses and startups generally grow if they prove that they are good and efficient at their jobs. This also means that there will be times where you have to stop thinking about the present and start pondering about helping your client get to a stage where you can provide them with valuable service-oriented content and documents. Partner up with a law firm or hire their services so they can draft basic work, services and employments contracts and make them available to the public on your website. You can also go the extra mile and utilize zappier, which will allow you to have a form on your website that upon submission will also allow you to automatically send it back to a contact, prefilled with their information and signed online through docusign. We have already implemented a similar solution with one of our clients, Higgerty Law.

4- Capture the experience

We suggest that you capture the experience you have within your hiring firm company. Gather up your company members, ask them about different tips and tricks that they have under their sleeves and request them to record a video about these stories. You can use your phone to record your videos, which will save you time and money. Again, the key here is consistency. Take your videos and/or blog posts and put them all across your social media channels. At Quadripple, we prefer to capture video, transcribe and post our content across our social media channels. The key here is to provide value through videos, themes and topics. Try to make it fun and bold and don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone once in awhile with your marketing.

5- Networking events:

This is arguably the best way to meet new people and potential clients and candidates. Throw monthly or even bi-weekly events. It doesn't have to be that complicated. You can even throw it at a bar or at a HustleCo Work Space. This way you can get access to information about plenty of good candidates. If your events are fun, memorable and are kept consistent, they will attract more and more people over time. Don't be shy to capture and create as much footage and content as you can when your throw an event. Indeed, this latter point could perfectly become an additional 6th idea to market your business.

The key with marketing is to stay creative and make it easy for yourself to capture your content. Take one piece of content and make it available in different formats like video, written posts, audio quotes and photos. Many people are surprised by the fact that we are giving away all of our marketing techniques and secrets for free. If you could excuse our boldness, the answer is that most people do not execute on shit. Don't be like that and start producing content that is unique and valuable. If you need any help though, we are here for you!