There are many tasks that come along with the responsibility of owning a business. One of them among many others, is to provide value to your customer base through your products and services. But that is never enough, especially in this day and age where competition is fierce. Therefore, the aforementioned responsibility requires you to also differentiate your business as much as possible through marketing. There is one question that you must always ask yourself before attempting to start the content-creation process though: DOES IT PROVIDE VALUE? Is your target audience going to engage with it and share it? If that is the case, then go for it. If not, we are here to help! We would like to introduce you to some content creation ideas that you can use to market your business in a better way.

If you own a coffee shop or you are thinking of opening up one, you need to buckle up and prepare yourself for what is going to be a very competitive and saturated market. That being said, do not despair, because marketing can be your best friend and get you out of any predicament. There are many ways in which you can now differentiate yourself; you can highlight how good your beverages are or how nice your decor is. It all goes back to what inbound marketing techniques you utilize. Inbound is all about providing value to draw people into your business and develop a loyal and amazing fan base. Your goal should therefore be to turn your coffee shop into a hub and try to attract as many customers as you can into that hub.

1- Host events

Become the go-to place for all types of events. We are in a time and place where people are looking for places other than a bar to interact and have fun. We are witnessing the growth of a generation that is determined, focused and health conscious. There are a few things you can do here, like hosting your own events and taking the time to choose an appropriate theme for those particular events. On the other hand, if you are looking to attract entrepreneurs, start hosting talks with successful local business owners and entrepreneurs. If you are too busy to host the event yourself however, then partner up with other people or offer your space for third party events.

2- An “instagrammable” landmark  

If customers choose to take a selfie or take a photo of their coffee, they are most likely going to look for a nice background for their respective pictures. One local Calgary company, Village Ice Cream had a raging success with customers tagging them on instagram, as they took selfies and photos of their ice cream with their iconic logo in the background. Think about what would be “instagrammable” within your business that would attract people's attention and either invest resources to develop that element or you can even hire local artists to come up with something cool and instagrammable.

3- Coffee habits from around the world

People from around the world have their own distinctive quirks when it comes to their coffee-drinking habits and it is safe to say we are all curious about knowing more about them. Build a list of countries and write a few “Did you know?” facts about how they drink their coffee. Make the series nice and sweet. It is important for it to be scalable and graphical. We are confident that you can come up with a list of 50 articles you can write about in this case. It’s all about how consistent you are with your content.

4- Give back to the community

Partner up with charities and incorporate them into your business. Dedicate a portion of your profits from one specific day or from a certain drink to a charity and make sure that you can shuffle and feature different causes throughout the year. You can also go to the extra mile and get your clients to choose which charity you should be featuring. By choosing this path, you can craft a blog post and talk about this charity, their mission and your role in it. Consequently, this has the potential to be reshared by the charity’s website and all the people who follow it. You can even be the main coffee provider at their events. Note that in these cases, the charity will act as your own little lead generation machine. Plus, your clients will start feeling good while attending your amazing community-oriented coffee shop.

5- Photos

This is honestly one of the simplest and easiest thing you can do. If you don't have a reliable camera, you can hire a local photographer and get them to capture as many photos as possible. For instagram, it is always nice to have a theme to your photos and letting your creative juices flow. It doesn't have to be anything big. For example, you can choose to take photos of your coffee with different types of attractive backgrounds or take photos of beverages featuring some of your clients. You could also just take pictures of your shop and include a nice and engaging quote with them. The key here is to produce as much content as possible at the beginning and then to post it regularly. As we have said many times before, consistency is key.

In a competitive industry you need to have the ability to do things differently and stand out from your immediate competition. Go outside of your comfort zone and do things that will add value to your clients. Inbound marketing strategies have always proven to be successful, but take into consideration that this is not a sprint, it's a marathon. The outcome that you get from this strategy is going to be a dedicated and loyal customer base that will defend and champion your brand for you.

If you need more information about how you can get this done, give us a call or Email us and we can help you with your inbound marketing strategy by attending our famous content generation sessions.