We are so excited for the launch of HustleCo Workspace, a coworking space in Calgary opening Summer 2017. A question we get asked all the time about HustleCo is the location. Where’s it gonna be? The answer: close to Chinook mall. The truth is, this area is the best location for a shared office space and entrepreneurship incubator like HustleCo for a number of reasons. In business and in marketing your brand, it’s important to be honest with who you are and what you believe in. At HustleCo we do not believe in the downtown office, stay tuned for another article on that. We believe there are for more conveniences to be found outside of downtown than in it. Especially in a place like Calgary with such unique and localized neighbourhoods. Working in downtown is seriously overrated, cliche and expensive, something we don’t think fits the rebellious culture at HustleCo or the needs of most bootstrapping entrepreneurs and freeelancers. Below are 4 big reasons why we chose to locate the HustleCo coworking space outside the downtown core in Calgary.


Either you drive or you don’t. If you own a car as most Calgarians do, HustleCo is the quickest and most convenient location to get to in Calgary. With unlimited parking and easy access to main thoroughfares such as a Deerfoot, Glenmore, Blackfoot, and Macleod, HustleCo is the quickest, cheapest and most convenient location for drivers. If you don’t drive, transit is also a great option. It is true that you can actually see HustleCo from the Chinook LRT station which is less than a 5 minute walk away. Considering that less than 2% of Calgarians live in downtown, we like to cater to the 98%. Unless you don’t drive and live downtown, getting to HustleCo Workspace will always be cheaper, faster, and more convenient than any other location in the city.

Cheaper rates

Being located a little out of downtown means cheaper operating costs and rent rates which equals more affordable coworking space in Calgary for our members while delivering the same value. We know the sacrifices it takes to pursue entrepreneurship. We’ve been through it. We understand that we’re not all millionaires just yet, rather most of us are still in progress. Cheaper costs for HustleCo means those savings are passed on directly to our rebellicious members who can put the extra pocket change back into their business.

Rebellicious (adj.): Deliciously rebellious

Proximity to everything

Walk in the +15 at 6pm on a weekday and you will notice everything to support your entrepreneurship successes ie. coffee shops or places to get food are closed. The only open locations are the distractions of nightlife. Other than that, the downtown really shuts down at 6, including parts of the +15 too. Now, walk through Chinook mall at 6pm and you will feel a much different vibe. A younger, more active crowd and hundreds of commercial locations to stop by and grab a bite to eat, go shopping or grab a coffee. There are many 24 hour restaurants, gyms and shopping options closeby to HustleCo for the real late night hustlers. Did we mention we are also next to Fithouse? A boutique Crossfit studio in Calgary.

California Style

We see Calgary as a budding, miniature version of Silicon Valley with striking similarities to Denver and Boulder as a growing tech hub. It’s positioned to become an entrepreneurship and technology leader in Canada and the world. Low oil prices and the entrepreneurial nature of Albertans and this city are driving this transformation. One approach that has been extremely successful in California is the creation of such campuses and hubs where entrepreneurs can network, collaborate and cowork. We see the HustleCo Workspace eventually becoming a large campus with all the amenities necessary to launch a kickass business. Currently surrounded by most of these amenities, like food, shopping, commercial businesses, and fitness facilities, creating this campus will be easy and expanding into neighbouring space is a grand vision for the future.

We’re happy to provide an affordable alternative in Calgary to downtown shared workspace locations while delivering the value of a tight knit coworking community with a superior, engaging and motivational work environment. Stay tuned for HustleCo developments, events, give us a call or come visit the coworking space once we open up! Currently, we're working on the website for HustleCo, give it a visit at: hustleco.space.