The coworking rebellion is here and HustleCo Workspace is officially open for business in Calgary. Now, for entrepreneurs, freelancers and gig-economists there is an option for coworking in Calgary outside of the core! Only a short walk from Chinook LRT with unlimited free parking too, come visit HustleCo Workspace and experience our growing environment with free coffee and blazing fast internet while coworking in Calgary. In the next two weeks, you’ll also have the opportunity to give back to a fantastic charitable organization helping to keep Canada as beautiful as ever. 

We’ve decided for Canada’s 150th birthday to put on a wicked awesome promotion at HustleCo. For the next 2 weeks, up until July 7th, come enjoy coworking in Calgary for only a $1.50 drop-in fee per day. What! Just a loonie and two caribou? YES! The best part though? All proceeds go to charity. The CPAWS, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society to be precise. For those that are unaware, CPAWS is the largest private charity in Canada dedicated to protecting our wilderness. They have played a significant role in protecting over half a million square kilometers of Canadian wilderness, roughly 5% of Canada’s land area in last 50 years. Of course, $1.50 is just the minimum donation and CPAWS would appreciate any amount on top of that. HustleCo wants to raise at least $1500 for CPAWS in the next 2 weeks. A lofty, top-shelf goal, but super Canadian eh? 

For less than a cup of coffee, come drop-in to HustleCo Workspace on any weekday until July 7th. Come enjoy our free coffee and amazing workspace while supporting charity in the process. See how coworking and joining the community at HustleCo can help grow your business and provide you with an inspiring and creative place to get shit done! What’s cooler than celebrating Canada with coworking and giving back to the beautiful environment upon which all our businesses are built upon? Join our growing community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and gig-economists coworking at HustleCo Workspace and ditch the home office; we’ll see you soon!