Recently I picked up an E-Book on Amazon by Mitch Durfee for only 99 cents! I don’t typically buy E-books, I’m a little more old school than that. However, since I know Mitch from my Tony Robbins circles, I wanted to support him, and really couldn’t wait for shipping (I can be impatient at times). On his day of release, his book got Bestseller status, which is friggin awesome, and I’m glad I could be part of that! The book is called Serve2Win and it can be found on Amazon using the link below.


I decided for every book I read, I’m going to summarize, or write some Coles Notes both for myself and for our blog readers. Whether or not many people read this and it provides value, part of the reason I’d like to take on this endeavor with any new book, is to solidify the lessons and main points in my head so that I can apply them more consistently. The most successful people in the world read. Reading is so critical. Like training your body, reading is training for your mind. Since when did we think it was okay to stop reading after high school? Anyways, here is my quick review of Serve2Win by Mitch Durfee.

What really great about this book:

It’s a short read and I like that. I feel like these days with shorter attention spans, large books can be difficult to stay committed to. Like YouTube or Facebook videos, we all would prefer 5, 2 minute videos rather than a 10 minute extended video right? At least that’s what the viewership statistics indicate. The same goes for books. To be honest, an average reader like myself was able to accomplish this book in under 2 hours continuously which is convenient!

The length of the book also forces Mitch to be extremely to the point, and he doesn’t ramble on much at all. Here are some of the main points that Mitch drills into your head.

The Trifecta: The goal is to be your own boss, while doing what you love, while helping others in the process, hence the title, Serve2Win.

The Service Secret: The great businesses are once that are focused on having superior customer service. This is so critical because when you are doing something you love, you cannot fake it! And people see that. You want to base your company on serving others, however, there is a big distinction between serving others and engaging in servitude.

Goals: Whenever you feel like you’re struggling to achieve a goal or it feels impossible, take a step back. Imagine how you will feel when that goal is achieved? When you take the time to do so, you will recharge your push to achieve that goal. Once again, that’s reaching for the why. Sure it might be tough to avoid those carbs or turn down a piece of birthday cake, but ask yourself not how good that cake will taste now, but rather how good you’ll feel with that fit body if you keep it up!

Internal and External Accountability: Having a strong group or network of people that own businesses should meet frequently and hold eachother accountable to their goals. Mitch recommends drafting a cheque, that should be deposited by a friend or colleague if you don’t achieve your tasks in a given time frame. He calls this external accountability. It’s people holding you accountable. He talks about internal accountability as well and how you can keep yourself motivated and working towards your goals using a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). This is not about just telling yourself you can do it, but rather, keeping yourself in a peak mental state with the kind of mental energy that is most conducive to attaining your goals! We all know that poor decisions are made in times of desperation and when we are not in a peak mental state.

Positive Mental Attitude (PMA): I love how Mitch analogizes feeding your mind with feeding your body. Feed yourself junk food all the time, you’ll be tired, lazy, and depressed. Feed yourself with healthy food, and you’ll be on a high, feeling great, and looking good too. The same goes for what you feed your mind with. It’s important to feed your mind with great energy.

Completing Tasks: It’s a simple thing to remember, but always, before you do anything, complete the tasks you must do first, before the tasks you should do! It’s not always the most fun, but afterwards the feeling is worth it.

Parkinsons Law: I had never heard of this law specifically before but I completely agree with it! Get this, “work expands to fill the time available for its completion.” Could that statement not be more accurate?

Durfee’s Dictim: Learn, Execute, Repeat. This is an important point made in the book.

Biggest reasons for entrepreneur failure:

  1. Pretending to know more than you do (avoiding learning). This is part of the reason I continue to read daily to educate myself.

  2. Don’t hire too quickly for the heavy lifting of building a business. It’s important to understand the steps and growth of your business before delegating it.

Things I think could be improved:

As mentioned it’s a short read and to the point and easily digestible. However, I felt that there was a bit of a shortage of storytelling. I am one who really appreciates in depth stories filled with emotion and lessons for learning. I feel it’s the best way to get the message across and remember something! I remember stories and experiences not necessarily statements.

If you’d like to grab a copy Mitch’s book, it’s available on Amazon. If you’re like me, and don’t prefer E-books, this one is a shorty, and can take less than 2 hours to read. Give it a go for some instant inspiration!