After watching the second debate of the American presidential election quite frankly I’m disgusted. I was disgusted once it boiled down to Hillary and Trump but the last debate was the nail in the coffin. There’s no denying that this debate was seriously pathetic and neither candidate deserves to win after their horrendous performances. I mean, we are talking about electing the leader of the most powerful nation on earth, and instead of debating policy like politicians should, they waste their time with lewd comments and extramarital affair accusations like small town gossip. Of all the incredible and successful Americans out there, I am blown away that a great nation of roughly 330 million could not come up with better candidates. Shame on you America, get your shit together!

Sorry Trump, America is already great

America is a nation with some of the greatest innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders out there. It is still the number one destination in the world for immigrants and refugees to come to and leads the world for innovation and research. The American economy is the largest in the world and continues to eclipse China’s considerably despite having a third the population. Look at all the amazing companies, people and products that have come from the business climate of American market capitalism. Elon Musk, yes he was once in Canada, but we lost him. Now with SpaceX and Tesla he has made the impossible, possible, and he’s only what, 40? Oprah Winfrey is an amazing example of a leader and entrepreneur who achieved success against all odds. For a minority woman to achieve what she has after all she has been through is mind blowing. Oprah Winfrey, personally, has donated over half a billion dollars to charitable causes and that’s not even counting all the money she has raised through the creation of her Angel Network and her other partnerships.

Bill Gates, an obviously super smart and fantastic leader, innovator and anticipator has consistently been the richest man on earth for spans of years, so much that he has created the largest foundation in the world. Since 2009 the foundation has donated over 22 billion to alleviate poverty, provide healthcare and education in developing nations. The endowment of his foundation alone, could pay off Alberta’s entire provincial debt 4 times over! Think of the scale of that...Lastly, I’d like to mention Tony Robbins, a peak performance coach that has impacted the lives of millions of people in a positive way. There is no shortage of amazing American individuals who have achieved success and positively influenced millions of people. Sure America has it’s problems and I'll save that for another article, but there’s no doubt overall that America is a country with an environment that fosters growth and innovation and incubates some of the world's best leaders and entrepreneurs. These are just four of them, but the list could easily go into the hundreds of thousands. So where the hell are they when election time comes around?

Let's admire Zucks

Many of you may argue, hey, but these people don’t have political experience! I will refer you to my rant on potential vs experiences at this point. I’ll also ask the question, how much experience do you think Mark Zuckerberg had when he started the Facebook? None. He basically invented social media and did it all before he was 32. Now, Facebook has a market cap equivalent to a GDP that would put it in the top 15% of countries. Yes, Facebook’s market cap rivals the GDP of the 30th largest economy in the world, Austria. Also consider, Facebook probably has more data on you than the government! Is this the beginning of the fall of big government, I sure hope so. Anyways, Facebook is now working towards bringing internet access to the most remote parts of the world and curing the top 4 infectious diseases with the Chan-Zuckerberg initiative.

Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Tony Robbins or Zucks don't strike most people as suitable for the presidency but they are the types of people that have what it takes. What I see is that all these amazing people have had the ability to generate and create massive amounts of wealth, employ hundreds of thousands of people, and benefit the lives of billions of people through their leadership in a free market. When you see them on interviews they aren’t divisive or deceptive. They are optimistic, they are intelligent, and they are inspiring. They have a vision, they truly want to make the world a better place and have proven it in many cases. They are leaders. There are so many people like this in America and I ask, why haven’t they come out of the woodwork? Of all the amazing Americans, where are they? When will America’s real leaders step up and come to the rescue?

America, get your shit together. I want to move there someday.

- Steve Paolasini

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