Many people ask us how we came up with the name QuadRipple for our content marketing company. Lots of people erroneously call us quadruple at the beginning too and I don’t blame them! It's okay if you do because we also bought the domain name that forwards automatically to QuadRipple. I used accidentally mix up Kodak and Kodiak (when I was a kid!). The difference being that Kodiak is type of bear, or refers to a region, whereas Kodak was a guy’s name. To put it simply, there was a point at which we chose the name QuadRipple. From then on, we’ve been using the 4 reasons indicated below as to why we chose the name, pronunciation and spelling of QuadRipple and not quadruple for all you curious cats.

4 reasons why we chose the name QuadRipple over quadruple:


It is almost entirely unique and there are a lack of incidences of people using the spelling QuadRipple on the internet. The only instances we could find were people accidentally misspelling what they meant to write in context as quadruple. Also, since QuadRipple is a completely unique name, trademarking is no biggie and search engines love us! We can also capitalize the first letter of QuadRipple and not look like we’re making an error.


While we pride ourselves in being much different than the competition, the closest explanation for what we do would be marketing services and consulting. So yeah, we are a marketing company, but us and our clients think we’re the best in Calgary. For anyone who understands basic marketing theory, there are 4 P’s to marketing: product, price, place and promotion. The Quad, in QuadRipple makes total sense in this context.

Ripple > Ruple

Why is Ripple better than Ruple? Because a ripple propagates! A ripple in a pond will go far, in fact, on some measurable scale it will make it to the other end. That’s what we aim to do with our clients. We aim to help their marketing efforts ripple and propagate through to their markets to get their message out to their customers. To quadruple something is finite, but to QuadRipple something means it propagates beyond a standard 4-fold quadrupling.

Verbal Noun

Lastly, not only is it our name but it can be made into a verb easily! If you want the best website, QuadRipple it! For satisfied clients or a successful campaign, we like to say they’ve been QuadRippled. One of the most popular words in the English language...ahem...can also be used in a variety of contexts. Also, isn’t Q such an awesome letter too?

I hope this article clears up why we chose the name QuadRipple for our marketing company and why it’s superior to quadruple. The more you say it, QuadRipple begins to roll off the tongue much easier than quadruple does too!