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Attending Conferences the Wrong Way


My two cents: about attending conferences

It’s that time of the year! Everybody's ready to go to the conferences and exhibit there to increase their sales. But we’re doing something very wrong. You know what we do now as companies? We just go and buy a really fancy gift to put in front of our booth, and companies are competing about who has the best gift! Are you really in the business of gift giving? People come in and give you cards because they’re ready to win. Businesses are thinking that they're actually collecting leads. You think these are leads?

Most of these people submitting their cards actually don't care about your brand. All they care about is whatever you're offering to them for free. If you're offering a camera and people really like cameras, they are going to come and put their cards there. It's a horrible way to collect leads. The best way when you're at a conference, is to go out there and fight like a soldier! Talk to these people and form some amazing relationships. You don't even have to talk about your products or services. Just get to know the person, get to know what are their values are, and who are they as a person. Get their number to go for a coffee or a beer or something to form a lasting relationship that will prosper in the future. People get along with people they like and people like to do business with the people they like. It should be your mission when you're at a conference to form valuable relationships. Please stop the gift giving and start forming valuable relationships and give them value, give them value, give them value!


1 Comment