QuadRipple, having a passion for food, was excited to take on this project. QuadRipple wanted to convey the warmth of a family ­run catering business to clients which is evident in the logo, branding, design and content on the website. QuadRipple recognized the importance of Facebook to reaching the Jordanian market in a cost effective manner. We focused on targeting and reaching dessert lovers through Facebook by posting beautiful pictures of the delicious desserts the sisters baked. 



In the logo and branding, we wanted to convey the warmth of family baked goods. The choice of a script font in the logo gives it the homemade feel we want to convey. Most importantly, the pictures of the desserts and presentation had to be stellar. It is far too often that we see poor pictures of food being used in the culinary industry, yuck!

Social Media

In the Middle East, Facebook advertising is much different than in the Canada. We were able to (on a very limited budget) achieve thousands of page likes, reviews for Sisters-Sweets, and engagement on the posts.


The Sisters Sweets kitchen baked tasty desserts that showed beautifully on a simple and easy to navigate, responsive website. The website received a great deal of attention from customers and within their first month they were able to sell over 50 kg of desserts during the Jordanian holiday of Eid.

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