The Canadian freedom lover.




Steve Paolasini

I am Steven Joseph Paolasini but I prefer to be called Steve, one syllable is just so much easier right! And if it's Steve instead of Steven, nobody ever asks if it’s spelled with a ph! I was born in Burlington Ontario but grew up in Grimsby, a small town in the fruitbelt of the Niagara region on the southern shores of Lake Ontario. Grimsby is about 15 minutes closer to Buffalo than it is Toronto, which I like to say, because I love America, the art deco style of Buffalo, their kickass wings and I dislike most things Toronto. I am a managing director for QuadRipple Inc. and co-founded it with my best buddy from university, Husam Al-rameeni, my Jordanian brotha from anotha motha.

I love chatting with people, I love meeting new people and I love to help people. In general I just enjoy being around people. Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to fulfill this need in my life to a much greater extent than being a full-time employee working at a company ever allowed me to. I want to have a huge influence on people and how they operate their companies and interact with people on a daily basis.

Things I like

Anything big, outrageous, and over the top, think Vegas. I love big dogs, freedom, liberty and people. I also love a good heated debate. Without it, we wouldn’t have a free society. I have a near creepy fascination and obsession with the success of large multinational American corporations like McDonald’s, Starbucks and 7-Eleven. I love to surprise people and deliver a level of value in my work unmatched by anyone.

Things I dislike

Graham crackers, bike thieves, dishonest people and when things just don’t fuckin’ make sense! Punish the deed and not the breed, leave pitbulls alone.


Everything that was once good! And some new stuff.

One thing you enjoy about QuadRipple?

Being able to help my clients achieve the outcomes we set together! Also, interacting with my clients and becoming their friends.