Our Team

QuadRipple was founded by Husam Al-rameeni and Steve Paolasini and we are some of the best business partners in the world. We share the same core values that are necessary for a strong business relationship yet have differences to complement each other and create a damn good dream team. As entrepreneurs we wear many hats and for a better understanding of who was are as people, visit our own unique profiles by clicking the button links below or watch our video content.

Our team is still growing! If you wish to join the team at QuadRipple, send us an email or reach out to us!


Husam Al-rameeni - managing director
(growth leader)

I am super passionate and ambitious about growing QuadRipple and expanding the business into new territory and ventures. As a result, I naturally fulfill the growth leader role at QuadRipple and do a damn good job at it. 


Steve Paolasini - managing director
(operations leader)

I am obsessed with ensuring the business is operating effectively and processes are streamlined to support new growth initiatives. This makes me the operations leader for QuadRipple. I am responsible for making sure everything runs well. 



I overlook the content creation process and creative design initiatives at QuadRipple. When executing inbound marketing & digital media work, I ensure the quality of the output goes above and beyond expectations.