With VMG’s main competitor having over 90% of the process simulator market, QuadRipple knew that a marketing strategy to help convert accounts, would need to be one with a fresh and progressive approach to an otherwise very monotonous and highly ­technical industry. QuadRipple has completed a plethora of marketing campaigns and solutions for VMG.


Advertising Campaign (Rethink Simulation)

To announce VMG's enhanced capability in the upstream oil & gas  industry, we ran the Rethink Simulation ad campaign. No, this was not just another ad of an engineer in a hardhat looking at a gas plant. We did something different. People loved the ad and responded well. It grabs attention and the ad was backed up with content-rich videos. The videos have contributed positively to our search engine optimization and our brand image. The difference in city popularity is congruent with the fact that it was a locally based campaign, and Calgary/Vancouver/Edmonton are all used as hubs for the airports we advertised in.

Technical & Corporate Brochures 

By combining our technical background with creativity we produced technical and corporate brochures that stood out and were paramount in the process of landing international clients for VMG. QuadRipple took the time to reproduce the technical content on the brochure from scratch. Graphs were plotted directly from Excel. Outdated engineering graphics and flow charts where reproduced and even icons were custom designed for technical and visual appeal.

Social Media

We really focused on presenting technical and engaging content through LinkedIn to reach key decisions makers in the technical and engineering industry. Frequent posts did not just help VMG to connect with its current users but helped it to increase its audience to spread the word. A special focus was put into presenting material that is content rich and full of graphics to engage clients. We also shared fun and informative content because after all, engineers are human too!

Event Management 

QuadRipple had a great time working on an event marketing campaign for VMG at an international conference. We took a completely different approach and stood out from the technical crowd as a fresh and progressive simulation company with the theme "SIMULATE THE FUTURE". 

We raffled off a drone from "the future" with smartphone/tablet control and HD recording! The technical team at VMG presented simulation examples we called "supermodels" while enjoying custom-made cryogenic cocktails, cowhide coasters as well as more prizes and giveaways. We enjoyed it so much we even wrote a poem as the description for our hospitality suite there!

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Infographics and creative technical content

We were able to bridge the gap between the engineering department and the marketing. By working closely with senior engineers we produced 3-D models that matched real life oil & gas facilities to be used across various channels. We listened to hour long technical webinars to fit in the key information from them into beautiful and modern looking infographics. We also came up with cool and creative bumper stickers that were a hit at conferences and really got people talking! Does cold beer really have less calories? Answer: Talk to us and find out!

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