Project WinterSkin was initiated by QuadRipple in early September. The original objective was to help do our part helping with the refugee crisis abroad. Our goal was to send lightly used Canadian winter gear to the coldest refugee camps in the Middle East. When the newly elected Canadian government made a committment to admit more than 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada, we shifted focus to help refugees arriving in Canada first. In less than 3 months and by Christmas time, WinterSkin managed to have a media appearance on CTV and collect more than a 40' shipping container full of quality winter gear.


When we started WinterSkin we wanted our organization to be different. With such a depressing humanitarian crisis on hand, we made the unique commitment to keep our marketing positive. Our goal was to make Canadians feel empowered in their ability to help with the Syrian refugee crisis; we wanted to invoke feelings of pride. We wanted our supporters not to give because they felt bad, but because they felt good about doing it. From there, we came up with our tagline: "Canada, the coldest country with the warmest heart" and never looked back.



What's more appropriate than an oil barrel in Alberta? Our drop-off donation bins for clothing were handmade from recycled oil drums. We also made sure to paint them with a similar warm colour and pattern to our nations flag eh? When designing the logo, we took into consideration the worldly goals of WinterSkin. The WinterSkin logo looks like a 2-D version of an earth map to symbolize humanity to helping newcomers from around the world. The zipper through the middle represents a coat and why not add a couple maple leaves in there for Canadian flare!


We wanted to develop a to-the-point, responsive website that has plenty of call to actions to encourage people to donate. Visit WinterSkin, or Google "Project WinterSkin to find us." Yup, we even have sitelinks and an AdWords advertising grant for WinterSkin!


To engage our supporters even more, we partnered up with our buddies at Rendering Glint Films and produced a great video for WinterSkin.





Social Media & Public Relations

As outlined in our strategy, we kept all our social media positive. Within 3 months we had achieved over 500 likes, many shares, and it became an extremely effective communication tool to our followers. We created a buzz in the community and were contacted by CTV Calgary and ended up doing an interview for the 6 o'clock news in late November!

Other Work

Project WinterSkin involved more than just the marketing. QuadRipple also had to handle management, logistics, sponsorship and much more but we won't bore you with the details in our portfolio!

Continuing the Story

Want more information on this story and its successes? Or just want to have a coffee with the WinterSkin founders? Reach out to us and we'd be happy to meet up!