Virtual Materials Group

Virtual Materials Group (VMG) is based in Calgary AB. Their flagship product, VMGSim, is a software used to simulate processes in the oil and gas sector. The ability to simulate processes allows engineers and technical staff to optimize operating conditions to increase efficiency and lower operating costs. Using advanced thermodynamic data and an intuitive interface , VMGSim is one of the most accurate, comprehensive and user-friendly process simulators on the market today. 


Winterskin logo.png

Project WinterSkin

Project WinterSkin is a Calgary based humanitarian initiative to provide assistance to Syrian refugees in the form of donated used or new winter wear. The aim is to provide all Syrian refugees coming to Calgary with adequate winter wear and help equip refugees abroad. Canada is arguably the coldest country on earth, but Canadians are known for having the warmest hearts.

H2O systems Inc

H2O Systems Inc. is a Calgary based company providing engineered fluid filtration solutions. Unlike current players in the industry, H2O Systems offers customized, scalable filtration technology that does not use costly chemicals or disposable media. The result is filtration solutions that reduce operating expenses for their clients.


Vaesto Delivery

Vaesto is a start­up company based in Calgary that performs on­demand delivery services using crowdsourced courier drivers. With an Android, iOS and website application, users and businesses can request a delivery route within minutes, track their package in real­time, and complete electronic payment all from their phone.

Sisters Sweets 

Sisters ­Sweets was a dream envisioned by two sisters in Amman, Jordan. The dream was to create the most beautiful and tasty catered desserts the city of Amman had to offer. QuadRipple, having a passion for food, was excited to take on this project. QuadRipple wanted to convey the warmth of a family ­run catering business to clients which is evident in the logo, branding, design and content on the website.

Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources 

CSUR is a non­profit society committed to providing its members with a free exchange of information pertaining to the unconventional oil and gas industry. With members across various sectors including: academia, industry, environmental groups, governments and the public, CSUR is an inclusive and diverse society. By hosting technical conferences, luncheons and providing literature, CSUR helps facilitate the exchange of information between its members.

Doctor Joe & Associates

Doctor Joe & Associates, founded by Dr. Joe Paolasini, has been providing family and cosmetic dentistry in Grimsby, Ontario since 1989. At Dr. Joe & Associates, the focus of their team for over 25 years has been to provide superior dental care and the best patient experience possible in Southern Ontario. Their clinical team achieves industry-leading dentistry and experiences for their patients.

Academic Work

Every great story has a beginning and with QuadRipple it's no different. For us, it started in university and has been going ever since. Here we present some stellar work that QuadRipple pumped out during our time in engineering.

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